Hello !!

I'm Mayank Jain. From Kanpur, India.

Currently in Pune , India

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About Me

I'm a tech enthusiast and a full stack web developer.

Love creating new, interactive and interesting front end for websites.

Always ready to learn new technologies and implement them in my projects ( check out the Menu style ).

My forte are CSS, JavaScript ( JQuery and vanilla script ) and PHP.

Learning React JS currently.

Got bored of conventional education system where there is no focus on learning but rather on marks. So skipped my post-graduation. Came to Pune. To work with field experts. Currently working at Tech Mahindra.

Would love to hear from start ups if they find me interesting enough to work for them.

Future entrepreneur.


VSEC, Kanpur

School 2003-2012

Completed schooling from prestigious Dr. Virendra Swarup Education Center, Kanpur. This ICSE school is the place which made me fall in love for computers and coding.

DAMS, Kanpur

College 2013-2016

Pursuing BCA from this college. Studying here helped me to follow my passion of programming.

My Works

The more we connect , the more we learn.

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